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The breakfast study

A research study on breakfast options for people with Type 2 diabetes


The background

The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is increasing worldwide, with about 380million people currently suffering from this chronic, debilitating disease. T2D is characterized by high blood glucose levels with the largest spike after breakfast. Targeting this meal may be a simple and easy strategy to improve blood glucose levels and reduce diabetes complications. 

Diabetes Self Management Program

Our research 

The ideal breakfast for people with diabetes is not known. This study will test healthy breakfast options, differing in the number of carbohydrates and fats, to help determine what type of breakfast might be optimal for people with  Type 2 diabetes. 


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Some breakfast options

Participants will get recipes that are either low in carbohydrates or low in fat. Options were carefully prepared to be made at home in an easy and practical way. Breakfast recipes were designed by a registered dietitian and will be controlled in macronutrient content and calories. Enjoy!


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If you have questions about this research study or would like to get in contact with us, send an email to barbara.oliveira@ubc.ca